About products

L’Effet Bulles offers unusual gift items (angel catchers, massage candles, standing silver birds, vintage boat paddles, without forgetting timeless toys), decorative items (crockery, vases, industrial lamps, round witches’ mirrors, small scale furniture adapted to Parisian apartments and their balconies, etc.) by well known designers.

Sylvie patiently combs through antique markets throughout France to offer a selection of specially curated objects alongside newer reproductions from carefully chosen suppliers. Our other products are hand crafted by select artisans and designers according to our highest standards of quality. 

We will soon have note cards with the stories behind our unequalled selection of wares. There will be the history of industrial lamps, the legends of our round witch mirrors, the anecdotes about such intriguing objects as our angel catchers. Inspired by the Mexican bola pendants, our delicate spheres enclose a bell that will summon your guardian angel….

At L’Effet Bulles, you never simply buy an object, you offer the story and intent behind each gift. These stories will soon be available on our website and in our brick and mortar boutique.

L’Effet Bulles offers our guest the gift of time and attention. You leave taking with you the stories and rich past of each of your new found treasures.

Indeed, this magical place is home to soft, round, funny, comforting objects that remind us of our real or imagined childhood – all at gentle prices ranging from $3.50 to $1100.

Artists (such as Mam’zelle Rouge, Isabelle de Grand Maison, Armèle from “Par un beau matin…”) are currently on exhibit. Other ephemeral exhibitions and themed events are in the works. L’Effet Bulles is more than just a shop. Its historical, vaulted cellar will soon house workshops of all sorts.

All the creations are “made in France”. The postcard is from Mam’zelle Roüge, a french young graphist and illustrator, the small size  is 2.50 € while the big size is 4.50 €.

The Ipad liberty case is Armèle’s from “Par un beau matin” creation. If you don’t have Ipad you can also used it as a sleeve to protect anything you would like to (documents…) 39.50€

The statue is a creation of Isabelle de Grandmaison called “Catch the Stars” (saled)

You can also see more creations in our website in the section “Création d’Artistes” and even more are on exhibit in our shop “L’Effet Bulles” at the 11 Passage Choiseul 75002 Paris.