Workshops Philosophy and Descriptions

L’Effet Bulles’ historical vaulted cellar will soon house workshops of all sorts. These workshops will awaken your senses and your imagination. Cooking, crafts, storytelling, each theme will be presented by rising stars and well known specialists.

L’Effet Bulles’ workshops aim to create links around similar interests, organize thematic educational in a different way.


By presenting workshops under a particular angle:

Example: for cooking classes, how about not being stressed by competitiveness that naturally settles into groups when everyone is cooking the same dish? Indeed, this might encourage emulation within the group but doesn’t anyone want to relax a little (or a lot) for its leisure activities?

At l’Effet Bulles, we are learning with fun ! Interveners are cooking and giving you the professionals little secrets and tricks. 

In addition, at l’Effet Bulles, an another strong idea for cooking classes is that you not only go back home with a recipe but with a more overall approach of the products, the ingredients and the way to prepare the recipe. Each specialist will deliver its specific universe (poetic, historical, scientific …) and will make you taste/try his preparation. We will put all the chances on your side to make it a pure moment of pleasure!

Each participant will be offered a warm welcome and will come away with a souvenir booklet, filled with informative stories and facts.!

Our website will soon launch with our full agenda of events and workshops.