“Objects on request” Services

First, Sylvie offers a “Flea market on request” service. Are you looking for an object? Sylvie will do the leg work, searching for your heart’s desire at the best possible price.

L’Effet Bulles is designed to find objects to help us appreciate a child’s universe, but also to re-awaken the child in us all.

Artists (such as Mam’zelle Rouge and Isabelle de Grand Maison) are currently on exhibit. Other ephemeral exhibitions and themed events are in the works. L’Effet Bulles is more than just a shop. Its historical, vaulted cellar will soon house workshops of all sorts.

These workshops will awaken your senses and your imagination. Cooking, crafts, storytelling, each theme will be presented by rising stars and well known specialists.

Each participant will be offered a warm welcome and will come away with a souvenir book, filled with informative stories and facts.

It is a concept store that is also home to educational workshops. It is aimed at both the young and the old, for anyone looking for the warmth of human contact in local shops.