About store

Why L’Effet Bulles ? 

Because Sylvie, the owner, believes bubbles are reassuring shapes that soften the rough angles of daily life. The circle urges us forward, down our chosen paths. It has always been a most uplifting form.

Modern designers are also very inspired by the bubble. In difficult times such as ours, bubbles symbolise the lightness, playfulness, sweetness, coziness, and shelter that can be found at l’Effet Bulles.

Indeed, this magical place is home to soft, round, funny, comforting objects that remind us of our real or imagined childhood – all at gentle prices ranging from $3.50 to $1100.

L’Effet Bulles offers personalized, friendly service for a unique moment. We will soon have note cards with the stories behind our unequalled selection of wares. There will be the history of industrial lamps, the legends of our round witch mirrors, the anecdotes about such intriguing objects as our angel catchers. Inspired by the Mexican bola pendants, our delicate spheres enclose a bell that will summon your guardian angel….

At L’Effet Bulles, you never simply buy an object, you offer the story and intent behind each gift. These stories will soon be available on our website and in our brick and mortar boutique.

L’Effet Bulles offers our guest the gift of time and attention. You leave taking with you the stories and rich past of each of your new found treasures. Sylvie also offers a “Flea market on request” service. Are you looking for an object? Sylvie will do the leg work, searching for your heart’s desire at the best possible price.

L’Effet Bulles is many things to many people. It is a concept store that is also home to educational workshops. It is aimed at both the young and the old, for anyone looking for the warmth of human contact in local shops. L’Effet Bulles is designed to help us appreciate a child’s universe, but also to re-awaken the child in us all.

L’Effet Bulles “Mother’s Day” Window May 2013 :